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True Global Ventures is a unique, international, early-stage fund formed by the world's leading technology entrepreneurs-turned-angel-investors. In partnership with family offices in Europe, the United States and China, True Global Ventures leverages the personal networks and expertise of its founders to support the next generation of superstar entrepreneurs.

Founded by Dušan Stojanović, nominated for Business Angel of the Year by the European Business Angel Network, the True Global Ventures team includes entrepreneur-angels from Sweden, France, Germany, China and the United States. With every partner having deep startup operating experience and successful exits, as well as the investment expertise that comes from having completed a combined total of over 250 angel investments, True Global Ventures gives new meaning to the term 'smart money'.

True Global Ventures typically invests from between €100 000 and €400 000 into very early stage companies with strong management teams, and then provides them with hands-on assistance and access to the extensive personal networks of the True Global Ventures partners. The fund is focused on highly scalable Internet, software and mobile applications, with companies that are headquartered in Sweden, France, Germany, China or the United States, and who can make optimal use of the international perspective that True Global Ventures brings to the table.

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