Zoom financement amorçage aux USA : seed stage , early stage in digital services

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Flywheel Ventures focuses on seed-stage and early-stage companies with solutions that address key global challenges in digital services, infrastructure technology, energy technology, and water technology.


 Flywheel works with each entrepreneur to grow their company in a capital-efficient manner by focusing on a “beachhead” market, often overseas, leveraging the firm’s formal Global Advisor network and informal network of worldwide experts.


Flywheel leverages its investment team’s technology expertise and entrepreneurial experience to fuel the commercialization of globally-recognized R&D and science assets around the world.


 The Fund’s investment strategy reflects a proven, disciplined approach to seed- and early-stage investing.

The strategy focuses on matching managerial talent with innovative technologies and attractive global market opportunities, and then supporting these ventures with the hands-on, operational assistance of Flywheel’s investment professionals.

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