Zoom initiative de réseautage niveau Europe: ICT 2010

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Source :   http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict/2010/networking/index_en.htm

Nous encourageons vivement les dirigeants de TPE/PME à s'inscrire à cette initiative de "réseautage" !

Meet your perfect partner at ICT 2010!

ICT 2010 will host dozens of networking sessions designed to facilitate contacts between researchers and innovators, engineers and investors from all fields of digital innovation. This is your chance to build future partnerships with the right people in your field.

So what do you want to talk about?
 -submit your own proposal for networking. (See how). This is your opportunity to help focus the ICT 2010 agenda on topics that concern you.

Networking ICT 2010: where partnerships begin!

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